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Graphic Design Club Poster

When I was President of the Graphic Design Club at The Art Institute of Seattle I proposed the idea of having a poster competition to promote our club through out the school. The only requirements were that the poster caught peopels attention and made them want to come to the club. The winner of the competition would have their poster printed and posted up all around the campus. We held a vote and my poster was chosen.


To creat a poster that stood out on the posterboards and would catch the attention of students walking past the board in the hall. Also, to ensure that it created enough interest for the students to actually want to attend club.


Created a poster that catches your eye.. The poster plays off the idea of an eye chart but is black with white text so that it stands out amongst the other posters on the posterbaords. The concept is fairly obvious after reading the tag line. Improve your eye for design by attending the Graphic Design Club. This poster was so effective that it remained posted on the posterboards for over a year. Where as most posters get taken down after every quarter.