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Jungle Materials

Jungle Materials comes from the term "concrete jungle", referring to large cities. The idea is that the company offers materials one would need to survive in the city. Jungle Materials is an
e-commerce business that recently started up and offers a place for fashion boutiques who either don't have a web presence or don't offer online shopping. Their main focus are designers who focus on high-end fashion with an edge. The target market are those who live in or near the city and love to shop at fashion boutiques.


When approached by Jungle Materials they were just starting off. They were in need of a logo, stationaries, supporting collateral, and a website. They wanted a brand that was high-end and representd the essence of their name, while staying true to their core which was representing individual botiques in cities such as Seattle, New York, and L.A.


Provided Jungle Materials with a strong branding that encompassed the essence of their name and the botiques they represent. This was accomplished by the usage of high-fashion photography with a variety of locations from the three cities their botiques come from. The typeface of their logo is a thin type giving it a high-end feel. The typeface was also costumized to give their company a more unique brand.