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KoiPond Central

KoiPond Central is the one stop shop for all of your backyard pond needs. They help to ensure that your pond maintains a high water quality. KoiPond Central offers free expert advise to ensure that you design and build your pond correctly with the appropriate equipment.


KoiPond Central's identity was outdated and was in need of a fresh branding update. As the company expands they're also in need of more collateral for upcoming trade-shows and new avenues of marketing to reach a wider
range of costumers.


Kept elements of KoiPond Central's original logo in their rebrand to ensure that returning customers would recognize the company while adding new elements that strengthen the logo's presence. Provided t-shirt and booth designs for trade-shows and unique marketing options that were within their budget. For example, flyers that promoted their most recent sales that they could include with their products when they were shipped out.